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Medical transparency
through B1OSTM

Despite decades of technological advancements in medicine,
safely integrating and accessing personal health data anytime
from anywhere in the world is a challenge. The ability for both patients and medical professionals to have access to critical
and comprehensive health information when lives are
on the line, is paramount.

At B1OS™ we have solved that challenge. We are
putting control of health information in the hands of the
individual to whom it belongs.

Medical Transparency

B1OS HealthPassTM

We are in a global crisis of confidence!
COVID-19 has indiscriminately stricken our world. At B1OSTM, we are working towards helping society get back on its feet.

B1OS HealthPassTM harnesses the power of your certified health records to gain access into schools, offices, restaurants, sporting events, concerts, theatres, airports, border control, etc. Securely share health status without sharing health data.

Introducing B1OSTM

Video produced by Atala Studios

Health Information Reimagined

B1OSTM has recognized a need to provide a safe, secure platform
with the following capabilities.

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